Half breeds and a Human

Plot Summary

an excerpt from the writings of Parker Hale

“…my faith in the concept of justice quavered for the briefest instance,, when I looked that man in the eyes, reading plain as day that he was the one bringing North Dock whores to a dirty end; but lacking the evidence that would spell his end. As I turned from him in the street, I decided that I would see him dead soon enough.

Understandably, my faith in the concept of justice was restored when my compatriots and I tailed him into a flophouse and destroyed him; quickly and severely. The gratitude shown by the surviving whores was equally appreciated.

The journey from Ciih to Dragonspire Keep uneventful; the brief stop in Roi had a bit more to it. We elected to swallow our pride, and seek that fat, officious, lazy priest and trade our forced apologies and a sack of gold for the services of a priest.

I’ll admit, I positively flinched when I learned that a free-willed, half-elf woodsman was what the church had tried to pass off as a priestly healer. Part of my theological studies (I always hated those) has survived to this day, and remembering that the priests of Irrab might be flightly, but are usually good-hearted. His finding a prime donkey bitch for Wagon influenced my perception of him also, and in no small way.

Gahn and Drahg’s folk are starting to settle around the tower; we’ve brought them additional supplies and aided in the construction of a hall. They’ve been instructed to secure the area more thoroughly, prepare outbuildings, pastures, fields, and scout the surrounding area to nail down areas ripe for exploitation.

I must say, these folk are getting on better than I had thought; they drubbed a small bandit raid some months ago, and everything has proceeded as it should. I still maintain that Hsssk creature is a pet of theirs (I hold this view privately), and that the entire lot would be better off if they’d just drop the concept of societal equality and accept orders from a defined leader, without putting it all to a vote and voicing opinions. Farming and homesteading are basic things, while not without challenges they are far easier to do above ground than below it. We are setting these people up for success, and I aim to subtly nudge them in the right direction at every turn; through logical argument, example, and whatever subtle misdirection I should deem necessary.

Matters will also improve in the spring, when the Order sends a small team of Inquisitors and trainees; it will be useful to have more of my kind here, and they’ll do nicely as a complement to whatever levy of militia this place should raise.

We are headed to back to Freehaven and/or Roi in a short whike; I shall have to post a letter to what is left of my family, as it has been such time that the funds I sent them are surely depleted, and it is possible they will be curious as to where I have been keeping my presence. Not a word from any of them…I wonder if Father has finally shuffled off this mortal coil.

It saddens me to hope that he has.


Falchen Ponsby_420

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