Half breeds and a Human

Three-Fifths Compromise

…an excerpt from the writings of Parker Hale

“…and something will have to be done about Wilford; he’s doing a poor job clearing doors. I suspect his mind’s still on that orgy of sin that he and Gahn partook of during our ill-fated trip to the capital. This dueced civil war that’s brewing just won’t do…I’m glad we’re clear of it for now.

I’m writing this in the small hours of the morning, before we ride hell-for-leather back to the village. Those children are in the keep, we know it to be true. Wilford, Timmourne and myself fought through a crypt to learn this…conversing with the soul of a Dragon Rider, and sending another one straight to Hell: the silver lining in our recent tribulations is that I’ve walked away possessing a very fine new set of arms; the blade of a Dragon Rider that’s afire, and a shield that’ll make up for poor footing on ledges.

Of Wilford and Timmourne, I can only report the most positive of views; all worked exceptionally well as a team. I’m constantly reminded of the longer-lived race’s perspective of calm, preferring instead to sneak about. I say that in a close fight, there’s nothing for it but to smash in the door and take the fight straight to them!!! I fear that one of them sniggered during my ill-fated breaching attempt.

We’ve not seen those two insistent brothers for two days; I pray to the God of Mercy (whomever that is) for their safety…"


Falchen Ponsby_420

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