Dibirious Heart

The head of the High Sect of Investigation


Dibirious Heart was the son of the temple, his parents gave him to the temple when he was born as he was the 11th son of a fairly minor land owner who needed to gain favor in the capitol. Raised by first the priests, then the Templar he developed both a strong faith and sword arm. When the time for him to swear to an order, his decision to join the then small and nearly unheard of High Sect of Investigation confused and angered his mentors. Rising quickly (as at that time the order had but 15 some fully fledged inquisitors) Dibirious eventually took control after imprisoning the previous master who had been taking bribes of young girls from nobles who were taking cuts of church tithes from their holdings before delivering them to the capitol. Once in control Dibirious first opened an actual training grounds and excepted any into the order, not just the sons of the nobility. While unconventional, their methods were effective as the Tanthium Church has received more money and had far less scandals in the past 17 year then ever before.

Dibirious is not the most popular person within the church, but his opinion is respected and his organization is well run and maintained. While aging, Dibirious still makes it a point to undertake mission personally, help train recruits and works with his full inquisitors to help them achieve the greatness the order needs of them. While he does not hold an official seat in the Kings chamber (which the High Priests and High Templar do) he is often sought for council privately.

Dibirious Heart

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