Harlan Brimstone

Human. A bony, bookish with strong aquiline features. Despite his frail, peaked appearance he moves with an almost unnatural power and agility.


Husband to Zinn, surrogate father to Wilford. Well spoken, brilliant and — over-and-above all else —utterly concerned with outward appearances.

The Brimstone family has been wealthy for generations due to large holdings in lumber and farming. Control of their holdings has long been handled by employees, leaving the Brimstones time to pursue other activities with their vast fortune. Harlan, in particular, has spent the majority of his life as an art and antiquities dealer.

He specializes in exceedingly rare artifacts and oddities. His personal collection is mostly exotic, quasi-magical relics. Lots of macabre pieces (e.g., ancient religious torture devices, antique exotic weapons). The vast majority of these pieces are in disrepair and are valuable due to their story or rarity, not their usefulness. He’s more Antiques Roadshow than armory.

He is a cold, calculating man that has used his wealth and influence to surround himself with exotic luxuries to show off his power that all speak to his taste in the bizarre. His most prized possession is a full-grown bugbear, Bugan, who is his personal servant and bodyguard.

Though it was immediately apparent that Wilford could not have been his son — due to his elven features — Harlan was a father of sorts to Wilford. He is a cold, distant husband which leaves Zinn to keep herself occupied. To keep up appearances, he’s treated Wilford like a son, all the while forcing him to hide his ears in public.

Harlan Brimstone

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