A little Girl (vampire)


Female Human Vampire
CE Undead
Init +8 Senses dark vision 80ft; perception +8, Sense motive +12, bluff +14


AC: 23, Flat Footed 18, Touch 15 (+3 dex, +8 natural, +1 dodge)
HP: 45
(Fort:5) (Ref:7) (Will:2)

Channel Res+4
DR 10 magic and silver
Res cold 10
Res electric 10
Fast healing 5


Speed: 20ft
Melee: Dagger (6) (1d3+3 19/20×2), Slam (6) (1d3+3 20×2 and energy drain)

energy drain
blood drain


Str: 16 Dex: 18 Int: 12 Wis: 12 Cha: 19
Bab: +3 CMB: +6 CMD: 20
alertness, combat reflexes, dodge, improved initiative, lightning reflexes, toughness x2, skill focus bluff, improved natural armor,

Special Qualities

change shape
gaseous form
spider climb


Lisa was raised recently after she survived an attack by what her village thought was just some savage (it was actually a mostly destroyed vampire spawn that was roaming the area after a group of adventurers destroyed a low level master who was trying to set up his kingdom).

Once she turned she dominated the majority of her village, using them as a food and labor source while she hunted a local group of bandits down and made them into her armed minions. Lisa has been using the old village to lure merchants and other travelers to “find her” and then telling her sob story about the evil at the watch tower (her new home that the villagers are building before they die out and are raised) that took her village hostage. Most of the people she has lured die to her spawn captain on the path up and she can feed on the captured ones and raise the others. Without a vampire lord to have taught her how to operate she is reckless, and while effective does not have a firm grasp on her sanity or powers, which has caused her downfall as she should have known that the party was to powerful for her and her small horde.


Half breeds and a Human Falchen Falchen