Blade of the Bog

+2 dagger

weapon (melee)

This is a +2 dagger


During the Pale King’s Reign the salt bog was used by a group of bandits to hold up and allude whatever authorities where looking for them. By ambushing any groups that came after them the the wealth, skill and prestige of this group grew and they attracted more and more ner-do-wells to their ranks. Once they were large enough the leader declared himself lord of the area and started demanding regular tribute from the people. To signify his rule, the bandit lord carried a dagger made of bronze and hilted with the skin of a bog gator, his challenge was anyone who could take the dagger could challenge him to be lord. While he thought this would make any one come forward so he could kill them, he was poisoned by his half-son but threw the dagger into the bog before he died so no one could rule, his “kingdom” fell apart shortly after.

Blade of the Bog

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