King Boar's Tusk

+2 Bastard Sword

weapon (melee)

This is a +2 Bastard Sword that gives +2 to fortitude when being wielded.

After the defeat of the vampire Lisa the following abilities of the sword came forth:

+2 when confirming Critical Hits

After it was placed upon the divine alter the following abilities of the sword came forth:

an additional +1 (now reflected in the quick description)
When cleaving with this weapon, the penalty to AC is halved (minimum -1)

During the battle in the dwarven tomb against Motrug the Defiler this sword gained the ability to better protect its user from mental effects.

Once per day, after failing a will save, the wielder can reroll the save, but they must take the 2nd roll.


Crafted from an ancient blade taken from a buried city, a fallen branch from a thousand year old oak and bound with the tusks and leather of a the Great Boar Shade Tusk, this weapon is bound for greatness.

In its’ early days this weapon was used to slay a vampire and her spawn in the wilds through force of will and precision in vital strikes.

This item became more magical after it was placed upon a divine lay alter and the proper ritual undertaken after completing Parker’s final entrance test.

King Boar's Tusk

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