+2 Long Sword

weapon (melee)

This is a +2 Long Sword. Anytime the wielder of this weapon kills an enemy with it, they gain a +1 insight bonus to their armor class for 1 round, this can only be applied once per round.


Only the greatest of crafts dwarfs are allowed access to the Deep Forge. This Forge uses molten rock to heat it, and while its size is great, the amount of smiths who wish to ply their art upon it is even greater. After every pieces is completed, it is inspected and any piece that does not show a true dedication and display improved properties is melted down.

This particular sword became more magical (an additional +1) after a long and epic fight to defeat an ogre clan in the runes of Dragon Spire Keep.

This weapon gained enhanced offensive properties after a long and perilous fight against the undead on top of Glass Peak.


Half breeds and a Human Falchen Falchen