Lontain's Journal

A magic Journal


Lontain’s Journal acts as an adventure journal, recording what happens to its owner, and their friends. As the owner of the book travels, the book expands not only with their story, but with information gathered by Lontain and his companions.


During Lontain’s journeys he would write down everything that happened before he would tell the story, he called the book his memory, and so it became. During the Age of Edification the original Tome of Lontain was found and accompanied a group of adventurers who were instrumental during the early parts of the Southern Kingdoms War. While the original book is once again whereabouts unknown, a number of journals have surfaced which, while they do not contain Lontain as the tome does, do hold a large amount of his knowledge and helps record the adventures of its owner.

Lontain's Journal

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