Moonbeam Gauntlet of Strength

+1 Spiked Gauntlet

weapon (melee)

This +1 spiked gauntlet radiates an aura of light (as a torch). This weapon deals an additional 1 point of fire damage.

Wearing this gauntlet provides the wielder with a +2 insight bonus to climb and acrobatics checks.

After battle the hill giant chief, this gauntlet gained some of its strength. The wearer of this gauntlet gets a +2 to their Strength.


Crafted from the rarest of metals, forged with the essence of fire and embedded with a star quartz this gauntlet is a beacon on the battle field. It was commissioned by Gahn by the Master Smith Telon in Polyhydra.

This weapon gained enhanced properties after a long and perilous fight against the undead on top of Glass Peak.

Moonbeam Gauntlet of Strength

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