Paymaster's Shield

+2 Heavy Wooden Shield


This is a +1 Heavy Wooden Shield that give the wearer resistance to fire 2. The item also does not take damage from magical fire.

After a heavy battle with a hill giant tribe in the deep roads, this shield became more protective and, once per month if the wearer of the shield is reduced to 0 or fewer hit points the wielder instead is left at 1 hit point but the shield gains the broken condition. If the shield already has the broken condition it does not bestow this additional ability.


Paymasters deal with the roughest types, mercenaries. Because of this good solid armor and weapons are needed. In many kingdoms, the job of paymaster is hereditary just like royalty, so the stout equipment if passed down from father to son the same way the job and title are.

This item became more resistant to fire protection spells were used by its wearer to help defeat an ifrit.

This item became more protective and allows its wielder to fight after they should be slain due to the attacks the defense it was given and the magic that saved Parker from an untimely death.

Paymaster's Shield

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