Rithin Charm

Amulet of Natural Armor +2


For anyone this is an Amulet of Natural Armor +2

To any worshiper of Rithin this amulet can also be used to cast protection from Chaos once per day

When worn, this item increases the caster level or all healing spells by 1. It also increases the maximum bonus on cure spells by 2.


The perfect square has long been a common theme in the iconography of Rithin but it was not until the the Pale King’s Reign that his followers started to craft trinkets based on this. These necklaces are very common, and due to the fact that many of those who wear them bring order with the sword these amulets see many owners and have been known to pick up the righteous zeal that their wearers live and die by.

This amulet gained enhanced protection properties after a long and perilous fight against the undead on top of Glass Peak

During the battle in the hill giant village, this amulet was present for a large amount of divine energy being channeled near it, being a holy item, it started to aid in the casting of these spells.

Rithin Charm

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