Shard of Pure Fire

A pearl of power (lvl2)


This acts as a pearl of power for a level 2 spell. If the spell used is a fire spell, that spell deals an additional 5 points of damage.

This item can also be used in crafting, it has a magic rating of (10)


A small piece from the heart of Immoleth to Burner, one of the lords of igneous from when he was banish from this world some 500 years ago.

Immoleth had been summoned by a sorcerer to revenge slights against him by a certain noble house. once that house was in ruin Immoleth continued to bring destruction and devastation onto the port of Cihh. Gathering his companions about him, Lontain was able to defeat the great fire lord and his heart, a crystal of pure fire shattered, some shards landing as far as the wild islands and the giant peak mountains.

Shard of Pure Fire

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