A wizard's task

The party entered a small pocket dimension that a wizard found, they were paid to clear it out of traps and enemies.

Gate Guardians:
2 fire essence gems (5)

Atrium Battle:
4 earth essence gems (5)
8lb enchanted marble (3)

Great Hall Battle:
2 air essence gems (5)
2 water essence gems (5)
2 fire essence gems (5)

1 fire essence gem (5)
1 genie essence (8)
4 small quartz
1 large quartz
2 red quartz

With a spell craft of 15 the party can understand that this workshop is a magic distillery, it can take magic items and destroy them placing their magic into quartz.

1,000gp in gems
3 black quartz
Recipe: Brooch of the Advance
the wizard will sponsor 1 party member for the wizards guild

A wizard's task

Half breeds and a Human Falchen Falchen