Abandoned Shrine

For Parker’s order the party went to investigate a nearby shrine. After uncovering the truth that the head of the temple had been possessed, the party slew him and his minions who were using the temple for less than savory purposes.

Attack at the Camp:
2 fire essence gems

Optional: The catacombs NO
4 Masterwork Long swords
1 wand web (12 charges)
3 lb ancient steel (dc 12 craft check)

Fight at the shrine
1 fire essence gem
1 air essence gem

After cleansing the shrine proper the remaining troops cleared the nearby villages of any lingering effects. The head of the order meets them at the shrine to participate in the cleansing. He then takes Parker and crew into the nearby woods were an ancient shrine is located and performs a high magic ritual embueing one item each with (more) magic.

300gp each
1 potions cure moderate wounds each
1 oil align weapon each

The head of the inquisition will also teach Parker the inquisition’s high magic ritual that can be used on ancient shrines to empower items with more magic.

Abandoned Shrine

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