Ancient Laboratory

After meeting with Aniz’s guardian the party ventured through an old ruins near the city of Free Haven.

Choker Room

After defeating the chokers a search of the room reveals the follows:
2,000 silver coins
7 pieces of assorted jewelry worth 100gp each
Sea Shell Ring

Fire Elemental Room

After returning the fire elementals to their plane, a small red gem is dropped
2 fire essence gems

Gargoyle Room

Once the stone guardians are defeated, while the majority of weapons in the room have decayed, some are still serviceable

2 golden dagger blades (raw gold value of 400gp total)
ancient steel spear head (not rusted at all)
5 lb of ancient steel scrap
Backmen’s Blade

Vault Atrium

As the two tethered guardians are destroyed a small piece of their essence is left behind
2 fire essence gems

Vault and Vault Guardian Room

Once the Kryton is defeated and the vault opened the party is able to fine the following items

10ft (1lb) fine mithiril chain
10ft (10lb) infernal chain
2 sets ancient steel and crystal masterwork alchemist tools (500 gp each, gives +2 check for crafting alchemical and brewing potions, 5% chance when used of breaking)
2 Timeless Vials
500gp gold bars
500gp silver bars
1000gp copper ingots
5lb desert brass
1lb star metal ingots
15 small quartz
2 large quartz
1 star quartz

Ancient Laboratory

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