Below the Keep (1st sub level)

Once the party activated the seal they were transported to the bottom must level of the keep briefly, but as they did they felt themselves ripped back to they top as some magic force stopped them from going directly to the main chamber under the keep. Instead the party finds themselves only a few feet away from the seal, but they are in the dungeon with no way out.

Grand hall:

50lb ancient steel scrap (2)
16lb dragon steel scrap (4)

1 wand Magic missle (lvl 3)(45 charges)
1 wand shield (lvl 3)(8 charges)
8 potions cure light wounds
3 potions cure moderate wounds

3 dark essence


2 fire essence gems
2 lesser dark essence

Deep Stable:

1 dark essence
Mammoth Bone Dust (temp str, temp con) 1,000gp

Left Inhibitor room:

1 sapphire (1,000gp)

1 flame drake hide (7)(large enough for 2 items)
1 dark essence
Skystrike Axe

Right Inhibitor room:

2 dark essence

Below the Keep (1st sub level)

Half breeds and a Human Falchen Falchen