Below the Keep (3rd sub level)

The party finds themselves at the end of a hall way filled with reinforced doors with locks and bars on each, they have entered a portion of the stockades.

In the Cells:

Dragon Knights Armor
Masterwork, ornate longsword
3 cure moderate wound potions
1 cure serious wound potion
2 scrolls scorching ray (level 5)
2 scrolls of cure light wound, mass
2 fire essence gems (5)
Stone Troll Blood (regeneration, healing, earth) 1,000

In the store room:

1 wand cure light wounds (21 charges)
9 potions cure light wounds
10 masterwork long swords
10 masterwork heavy steel shields
10 sets, masterwork scale mail (gold color)
20 +1 flaming arrows
20lb dragon steel ingots (4)

In the wardens room:

4 ornamental daggers (2,000gp)
1,000 gp
2,000 gp in gems
2 wands hold person (10 charges each)
1 wand web (30 charges)
2 masterwork halberds
2 masterwork flails
jailor’s dirk
prisoner’s irons

Below the Keep (3rd sub level)

Half breeds and a Human Falchen Falchen