Blind Guardian

“Such an ancient fortress, filled with history and worth studying, getting permission from, and dealing with the orcs is a bit more trouble then it is worth.” Terrin, Archivist


Nation: None
Size: Fortified Town
Population: 2,000(City) 10,000 (total area)
Demographics: Orc(95%)
Government: Council of Chiefs
Alignment: Good
Leader: N/A
Lord: N/A
Imports: N/A
Exports: N/A
Taxes: None


Built in the time before man recorded history, Blind Guardian was a great fortress that held dragons, their allies and armies of orcs. While it is not the only dragon keep in the mountains, it is the only one still controlled by the metallic dragon brood orc clans.


During the spring and summer months Blind Guardian is only inhabited by Clan Aujir and an honor guard of Clan Aurix who guard Northfang at the top of the spire. When winter comes all of the dragon clans gather either in the keep proper, or in the sheltered valley around it.

Blind Guardian is made of of 3 main sections, the spire, grand keep and valley.

The Spire

The spire is a large mountain that has been partially cut flat along a vertical axis (which faces the grand keep) and has been expertly carved into rooms of all kinds. The bottom levels are used for most labor needs, it is where the working class of Clan Aujir resides. The middle layer is more ornate, it is here that the warrior and above them the viceroy classes live. The top of the spire is occupied by Clan Aurix and the great dragon Northfang reside.

The Grand Keep

Surrounded by massive (over 100ft walls) the grand keep is a large, mostly open area. While this area may have once have had buildings, it is now devoid of all structures that are not directly attached to the wall or spire. Most of Clan Orn lives in this area during the winter, erecting buildings in villages in accordance with their tribal families.

The Valley

Whether naturally formed or created eons ago, the valley in which Blind Guardian is located in is protected on all sides from the weather that rages through the mountains. During the warmer weather crops are grown and fish harvested from the river, in the cold months the more chaotic of the metallic dragon brood clans place their settlements here.

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Blind Guardian

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