“An angry creature, with hard, sharp tusks and thick hide, but if you can get past all of that its fatty side is the most delicious thing every discovered” Lontain, the Wandering Bard

A very common creature, dumb and strong. Boars can be found in most temperate climates and are hunted for food and sport. In less civilized cultures, boar hide leather is prized for its resilience and toughness. Properly up kept boar leather armor can be maintained in good working order for generations instead of just years.

In some places either through magic, breeding or nature fighting against civilization, boars of great size can be found. These dire boars are tough, mean and will normally have a pack of lesser boars among them. While hard to kill, their hides are thicker then cow leather, and their tucks are used in a number of potions and salves. Many a great hero’s story starts with the slaying of one of these great beasts.

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