Building Rules

These are the advanced rules for having a functioning keep.


Labor: This is the amount of work that you can have done, it is increased by gaining more people, having things that create bonuses (better tools will give you a labor bonus on). Your keep will have a Labor value in which you can assign it to different tasks.

Land: This is the amount of cleared land that can be used outside the keep in the town and surrounding area. This will be broken down into 2 groups: Town and surrounding area (town land for buildings, fields for crops and pasture for animals)

Resources: These are the actual resources you will have to use for building, crafting and trading. Resources are broken down into the following groups: Food, Stone, Wood, Animal, Metal, Goods, Wealth.

Time: 1 unit of time represents a 10 day period.

Construction and Usage

When the party decides that they want to build a new, or improve an existing building or function it will be assigned a cost in land (if applicable), labor and resources. Once it is constructed it may or may not require upkeep in the form of labor/resources. For example, The party wants to build a field to grow crops for food, the field will take the following: 2 Time, 2 Stone, 10 Land, 2 Labor. Once it is completed it has an upkeep of 1/2 Labor(s) and produces 5/10 Food. This means that up to 2 labor can be spent in the field to produce up to 10 food. If no labor is spent for a time period then nothing is produced. If there is a number in parenthesis then that is the maximum amount of labor that can be spent on that activity.

The keep’s statistics will show what has been built and what resources it has.

Building Rules

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