Crafting Materials

Here is the parties crafting materials broken down. the (#) is the magicalness/rarity of the component where a 0 is regular materials like iron and a 20 is a shard of a gods sword. The parts are arranged for ease, you can be creative and use them in other ways if you like.

Base Components

These are the main components of items, what makes up the bulk of an item

Crafted Parts (can be reclaimed or used as is for items)

1 ancient steel spear head (2)
2 gold dagger blades (2)
1 infernal chain, 5ft (5)


2 lb desert bronze (1)
3 lb griffon copper (3)
341 lb ancient steel scrap (2)
25 lb deep iron (3)
159lb dragon steel scrap (4)
2lb Star metal (10)
7lb Dark Steel (6)


1 faewood stick (5)
18 dark willow branches (2)
18 square feet of Iron Wood planks (1)


1 manticore hides (3)
1 Gorgon Hides (4)
6 Dracolisk Hides (3)
2 tanned cave bear hides (2)
1.5 hydra hides (4) (each hide is large enough for 2 medium sized items)
1 flame drake hide (7)(large enough for 2 items)
2 lion hides (1)
2 dire lion hides (2)
2 tiger hides (1)
2 bear hides (1)
1 dire bear hides (2)
1 giant lizard skin (2 items)(3)


3 large leviathan bones (5)
1 giant turtle shell 36" (2)
2 giant clam shells 24" (1)
8 manticore spikes (3)
2 large curved dragon ribs (6)
1 10ft straight dragon spine (6)
1 dragon claws (6)
6 Deep Drake Teeth (7)
6 Deep Drake Claws (7)

Other (jewelry, misc uses)

1 perfect conch (2)
8lb enchanted marble (3)

Augmenting Components

These are things that are added to items to increase the chance of them being magic and/or to effect the magic effect that they will have. These pieces are incorporated by the crafter into the item


8 fire essence gems (5)
1 water Essence Gem (5)
2 lesser dark essence (3)
9 dark essence (5)
2 deep crystals (3)


7 Dracolisk Eyes (4)

Quartz (crystallized magic)

Quartz is raw, crystallized magic found in the world. Plain quartz is known to make an item more likely to be magic, its size determines how much magic it contains. it is said in ages past, smiths new ways to imbue large amounts of quartz into items, unfortunately these ways are lost allowing only 5 small, or one large or one perfect clear quartz to be used when an item is created.
Colored quartz also is known to increase the change of an item being magic but also bring a higher chance of other effects depending on the color. While there are large colored quartzes they are extremely rare. Only one colored quartz can be used, but it can be used in conjunction with the maximum amount of clear quartz.

Clear Quartz

34 small
8 large

Colored Quartz

7 black
2 ghost


These are ingredients used to make potions, the gold value shown is the amount of creation cost for the potion that 1 use of the item replaces. If a components cost is high enough to cover the entire creation cost of the potion then the player does not need to use gold to make it, if the cost is double, triple etc. then they make multiple potions with one component. The component must have a similar property to the spell that you are making into a potion.


1 bushel of deep mushrooms (darkness, restore) 200gp


hag eyes (evil, enchantment) 80gp
vials scorpion venom (poison, cure poison) 80gp
giant scorpion hearts (cure poison, temp constitution) 160gp
jar of powdered whale bone (water based, temp constitution) 100gp
dragon egg shell dust (elemental resistance, temp armor) 200gp
vials troll blood (cure, restore, regeneration) 500gp
powder giant bone (temp strength, temp constitution) 250gp
quartz dust (applied metamagic feats) 500gp
hydra blood (healing, regeneration, strength)(500gp)
spider anti venom (cure poison, poison, restoration) (75gp)
powdered Gorgon Hoof (temp strength, temp constitution) (250gp)
powdered Gorgon Horn (temp strength, stone magic) (500gp)
red dragon bone dust (fire, flight, temp strength) (500gp)
Giant lizard teeth (temp str, temp con)(500gp)
Mammoth Bone Dust (temp str, temp con) 1,000gp
Stone Troll Blood (regeneration, healing, earth) 1,000

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Crafting Materials

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