Dragon Spire Keep

“…. and for my knights I give this fortress and lands so hunger nor want will ever take those and their dragons who …” Faded inscription at the base of a broken statue

Once the jewel of the western part of the southern kingdom, surrounded by rich fields, sturdy timber and deep mines Dragon Spire keep now lies in ruins, the grand city that once rivaled Roi is rubble and barely the memory of it remains, tucked away on faded pages of forgotten books.

Current Resources:

Total Weeks completed: 26
Population: 27
Town Land: 30(2)
Surrounding Land: 20(10)
Labor: 16 (1 food 1st and 2nd forages)
Food: 104
Stone: 1.0
Wood: 5
Metal: 3
Goods: 18
Wealth: 2

12 pack lizards
6 riding lizards
2 horses
10 mules
2 donkeys


Sitting in the middle of the depression, the keep still rises 700ft into the air (originally it was some 2,000 ft tall) putting the top floor nearly even with the edge of the basin some 3 miles away. Of the still intact 30 floors, only the first three maintain enough structural integrity to be used for anything more than a lookout. While there seems to be an extensive basement, the party is yet to find an entrance to it. On the first three floors only the structural supports and outer walls still exist, making them large, open and drafty. The great drawbridge is down (all mechanisms gone, the stone bridge itself in question if it could be raised or if it would simple crumble), over a fish filled moat that is fed by a spring on the basin’s edge. This water eventually leaves the moat and flows to a large cistern somewhere under the castle.

The keep has the following activities:

Location Labor Cost Production

The Keep has the following Rooms/Amenities:

3 Floors


Surrounding the keep is the rubble of a once large town (close to 9 square miles) that occupied the unnatural basin in which the keep was built. A very large and broken amount of stone rings the outside of the basin (some 200ft before the slope starts) which may have been a large fortification around the entire city.

The town has the following activities:

Location Labor Cost Production
Clearing 1 1 Land, .1 Stone

The town has the following Buildings/Amenities:

Long house (holds 40 people)

Surrounding area

The lands around the city lie fallow overtaken by the wilds, a decent sized forest 2 days north while long abandoned holes may have once been mines or quarries are scattered within 3 days from the city. A small lake near the basin with a narrow (and unmaintained) canal runs south 2 days to the river which leads to The Southern Kingdom.

The surrounding area has the following activities:

Location Labor Cost Production
Clearing 1 1 Land
Foraging 1 2 Food
Forest 1 1 Wood
Pond 1 (3) 4 Food
Chicken Coop 1 (1) 3 Food
Pasture 2 (2) 2 Food, 1 Goods
Gardens 1 (2) 3 Food, Herbs

The surrounding area has the following Buildings/Amenities:

Chicken Coop one worker can produce 3 food, must be worked
Pasture two workers produce 2 Food and 1 Good, must be worked
Crude Fishery provides 1 additional food when working the pond
Silver Mine (has been cleared but is not currently in working order, it will take 10 units of wood, 5 units of metal and 60 labor to become operational).
Small Quarry (has been cleared but is not currently in working order, 12 labor to become operational).
Gardens provide 3 food per worker and give the settlement access to simple herbs (allowing the creation of 1 lvl 1 potion at no cost (per week) with appropriate labor and facilities)
Inquisitor Training Camp: This small camp is home to a dozen Inquisitors (mostly new recruits). This camp is for training more adventurous inquisitors who will spend the majority of their service in the country as opposed to within the city of Roi.
Order Cache: This small camp and supply stash resides near the river and may or may not have a member of the Order using it at any time.

These are the additional objects that have been purchased/gathered:

Notable event log:

Week 23 A woodsmen from The Order of the Silver Dawn completed creating a way point and equipment stash for order members near the river, south of the keep proper.

Week 21 Members of the The High Sect of Investigation arrived at the keep and made there way to the far northern parts of the land an began setting up their camp

Week 19 During the clearing of some of the surrounding land, a working but deactivated Golem, Gathering was found.

Week 18 While scouting, a nearby bandit stash was discovered and provided 2 wealth

Week 16 a large herd of buffalo moved through the area and the village was able to get 7 additional food.

Week 6 a small raiding party of bandits came into the valley, they were dealt with without any loss of life or property by the combat capable members of the tower. The community was able to gain 3 units of food from the bandit’s camp.

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Dragon Spire Keep

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