“A dwarf will argue with you, beat you to the ground, pick you up and then make you drink with him, they are truly a race that knows the meaning of punishment” Lontain, the Wandering Bard

Dwarven society is largely clan based, while individual family is important, the clan and empire take precedence over personal glory, that being said giving ones self up to clan or empire is the most glorious thing a dwarf can do. While many dwarves are smiths, merchants and traders, the vast majority of them will have little to no dealing with the other civilized races unless they live in Dwarfshold. While this is not because dwarves hate other races, they simply do not want them around, deep in the mountain their mountain holds.

In ancient times there were many clans of dwarves that had cities both in the mountains and throughout the entire western continent. Most of these societies were killed due to wars or eventually returned to the mountains where they merged with the mountain dwarves to bring about the dwarves that now occupy the Giant Peak Mountains.

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