Fort Griffin

“Constructed from the very plains, this outpost was more an armed camp then a true fortress, and those who fled here to fight against the Southern Kingdom learned that in one horrific night.” Terrin, Archivist


Now ruins, this was once the head quarters of Wardens of the Griffin Plains who constructed a handful of buildings and an earthen rampart. Used by them for nearly 300 years, this base lacked anything but the most basic amenities and was staffed by no more then a score of members at any time.

During the Southern Kingdom War, in an effort to increase his holdings, a lesser noble allied with the Baron of Greskin (who became king) attacked the fort with magic and forign mercenaries in hopes that once it fell he could lay claim to a large swath of the southern Griffin Plains. While he was able to raise the fort, his ambitions were not realized as he was later killed during the siege of his fortress which was under defended due to his inability to continue paying his mercenaries (he had expected to uncover a large amount of wealth in the fort, there however never was any there).

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Fort Griffin

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