Free Haven

“I remember Free Haven as a last stop for those with no place to go, really nothing has changed but the size of the buildings.” Lontain, the Wandering Bard


Nation: None
Region: The Wilds
Size: City
Population: 15,000(City)
Demographics: Unknown
Government: Council
Alignment: True Neutral
Leader: None
Lord: None
Imports: All
Exports: None
Taxes: None


Free Haven was founded around a small settlement of exiled wizards. During the Age of the Broken Sword Wars a group of wizards found their liege dead and decided to make it on their own. Taking only their families and apprentices they journeyed into the wilds and found a suitable location to continue their studies. The protection offered by just the proximity to a few powerful mages led other exiles to slowing build near where these mages had build their new labs. While the mages’ labs and towers have long since been destroyed, the town that formed near them thrives as one of the largest independent cities in the world


Free Haven is the place where people go if there is either no place for them or no one wants them. It can be a rough city with the “guards” generally only protecting citizens with wealth (owners of property, shops etc.) and the law is on the side of residents over the large amounts of drifters that circulate the streets. Fights are not common, but if they are in the open and not involving citizens they are normally left to play out to the end before the guards with step in. There are only 2 punishments given in Free Haven, either getting kicked from the city for a year and a day or death (if damage was caused that will be handled before the other punishment is assigned).

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Free Haven

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