Golem, Stone

“I once found myself in an old ruin which happened to have a wizard buried in it, for some reason he was so greedy that in death he created statues to protect his magic, and even a thousand years later they were there and had issue with my acquisition of what was no longer needed by bones.” excerpt from Allhimin and the wondrous cave.

While not the first golem a wizard may craft, it most likely will be the first one he uses regularly. Unlike its smiler cousins made of wood, flesh or clay, golems of stone are much more resilient and are not prone to fits of destructive rage. It is very common for these creations to be given tasks centuries prior and be ready and waiting to perform this task every day (be it as simple as guarding a tomb or complex as patrolling an ancient city).

These creatures are naturally resistant to most magic, it is however known that using some earth altering spells on them will cause them to be slow.

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Golem, Stone

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