Griffin Plains

“In my time it was just called the Great Flats, but when men started raising cattle and Mountain Griffins found out how tasty they were, the whole region changed” Lontain, the Wandering Bard


The Griffin Plains is a Large (north and south) region that runs along the Freebooter Coast and many other regions (including the Hoary Forest) Not a particularly fertile area, some farming is done but ranching is much more common. It is because of the abundance of large livestock that Griffins are more common here. Many sections of the Griffin Plains fall into the borders of nations, but most of the land, and the people that live on it revel in the open and freedom. People who live on the Griffin Plains are very independent, they are not quick to trust others but harbor no ill will to travelers and merchants. Small villages dot the flats and while roads run throughout the region, they are not kept, so during times of bad weather they can become almost untravelable. While mostly flat and dry, the Timid River runs from the Giant Peak Mountains down through the flats until it cuts sharply east at River Vale toward the sea.

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Griffin Plains

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