Hag's Cave

After defeating the scorpion guardians and evil Hags the party was able to scrap together the following items

Amulet of the Warmage’s Apprentice
Hunter’s Bow
Hunter’s Hand axe
Lontain’s Journal
Paymaster’s Shield
Rithin Charm

2 potions of cure moderate wounds
1 potion jump
1 potion water breathing

A corpse of a recently dead shaman lies in the corner, on a strap he carries half a dozen Rune Bones
cure light wounds (caster level 5)
cure moderate wounds (caster level 5)
shield of faith
bear’s endurance

Magic crafting materials found: (I am being nice this first time to include parts from the hags and scorpions in the future you will need to tell me what you want to do and make the relevant spell craft/knowledge checks to know what to take (or tell me what you want from them and why, I am always open to good ideas) and then skill checks to harvest them pieces properly).

4 Hag Eyes
4 vials scorpion venom (DC 14 does 1d2 Str)
4 giant scorpion hearts

Found in lair:
4 large leviathan bones (3 feat long, 6 inches wide ribs)
Giant Turtle Shell (36 inches across)
6 uses of healing herbs
2 uses of curing herbs
1 jar powdered whale bone
Rainbow Pearl
2 Giant Clam Shells
1 perfect conch
7 Small Quartz
1 Large Quartz
2 Blue Quartz

Hag's Cave

Half breeds and a Human Falchen Falchen