Hermit's papers

After briefly meeting the hermit in Free Haven, with his dieing breath he informed the party of a copy of his research into the Masked Woman buried in his old house near the Coronation Stone. Once retrieved the, Wilfred was able to easily crack the cypher and over the course of 2 weeks translate all of the paper work.


These papers are a mash up of the hermit’s personal journal entries, journal entries of others, notes on interviews and some passages copied from other books and records. In general they all deal with either the Masked Woman directly or with events or places that the hermit believes have something to do with her. While there are hundreds of entrees, currently very few of them are relevant, perhaps with other knowledge or interactions, other passages or papers will become relevant.

Important Passages

From the Hermit’s Diary

…" I was away from the village when it started, I saw huge balls of fire and lightning striking into the town even though there was not a cloud in the sky. I was still in my youth and foolishly thought I could do something to help so I ran as fast as I could from the forest to the town, if Ballard the blacksmith had not grabbed my foot as I ran by him and rolled his dieing body onto me I am sure that the Masked Woman would have killed me without even knowing it. Once she thought everyone was dead she started looking in the houses talking to herself about how “I left it in this village” and “only humans would actually keep their oaths thru generations” I do not believe she found what she wanted as she was enraged after leaving the elder’s house so much so that she blew it up with magic." (The passage continues on mostly discussing the people he found and what he remembered of them)

“10Q Age of Sail 19

I have finished my apprentice ship in the mage’s guild in Cihh, I was not able to find much information on the Masked Woman directly, but I believe there is a pattern in history of her showing up and causing trouble, she always seems to be looking for power and control, most of the time these center around the southern kingdom, but I am not sure if this is just because that is the only large area that all of the history books I have found cover. I also believe that she is a user of not just normal magic, but also well versed in ritual magic. I have had trouble finding much about ritual magic, I know that very few practice it but that it can be much more powerful then the regular magics used by most. According to an old, mostly destroyed map of “magic currents” there are a few areas where 2 of these lines cross, some where 3 or 4 cross and one spot which is a hub of 7 distinct lines. By using older maps I believe the the Coronation Stone is this place where 7 lines converge. Out in the wilds there is a city called Free Haven which is a hub of adventurers who I may be able to gain information from, and it is located where 3 lines intersect. I will travel there and set up a shop for adventurers so that there is always a steady stream of them I can question while being close to this point of power."

“21T Age of Sail 23

A group of adventurers came in today with some baubles from an old tomb. The cleric told me about how the crypt had an old motif still intact that depicted the fall of the forgotten king. While this is nothing to exciting he told me that there was a powerful sorceress wearing a gold mask in fighting next to the king, while he only mentioned this in passing as a curiosity as he had never seen her in any portrayals on the battle this could mean that she has been around since the broken sword wars period."

“17U Age of Sail 27

One of my old collegues at Cihh send me a message that a large number of books were just bought from a private collector by the guild, and while the majority of them were interesting but much more recent, he found two books from before the broken sword wars period, one is a city ledger from one of the baronies in the southern kingdom while the other is a journal of a sell sword who was in the employ of the king. He said that while he did not look long, both books had references to a “women in a golden visor”. I will have to travel to Cihh and look into these soon."

“11R Age of Sail 28

That fool is directly looking into her existence, his apprentice came by and told me that his master had sent official requests to the mages guild as a group of adventurers was looking for information on her. I have placed wards on the stone circle, she will come to find him and when she does I will be able to get my revenge. I warned him already but he said I was a fool, well he will see how much of a fool I am when she arrives." (this was the last entry in his journal)

Other Books

An except from “fall of a kingdom”

…“And as his cousin went to end the king he was discovered, in the confusion one guard was struck down and the King’s golden adviser was cut deep, but she with magic bound the king’s cousin so that he was no longer a threat.”

A torn letter looking to be from a sailor

“It was an odd cargo the captain took on, large pieces of solid ivory and gears made of obsidian. The strangest thing was not that we were to take it, but that our instructions were to drop it them into the sea as we sailed, we were not to make note of when or where and upon our arrival in Cihh our hold would be checked by these strange merchant ladies associates (who were also women).”…

from Lontain and the petty wars

…" With great honor I took to the right hand of the lord (for he was a lord at least tonight, but not much passed the following month) and he in his great wisdom told me many things including the meaning of his families motto “never trust a women wearing gold”. While he talked of his families loyalty to the forgotten king, he said they took the word of his adviser and once acted upon those instructions were declared traitors and cast down from their keep. He said it was only after many years of disgrace did his family find out it was the adviser who had brought their actions to the king and declared them traitors and usurpers. "

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Hermit's papers

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