Hill Giant Camp

This clan of hill giants established themselves in one of the natural cave areas. Hunting and raiding have been good as this clan has set up permanent “houses”

After defeating the chief the party was able to raid the village and found the following

Magic Items

Cold Moon
Icebane Ring
Traveler’s Backpack
Gem of Light


2,000 gold coins
5,000 silver coins
3,000 gems (1 gp each)
100 gems (10 gp each)
50 gems (50 gp each)
10 gems (100 gp each)
broken jewelry/precious metals worth 2,000 gp


5 barrels Red Dragon Fire Water
300 days worth of food (stolen goods)
100 days worth of meat (medium sized lizards)
500gp worth of lumber and metal goods
100gp worth of hides
2 4-wheeled wagons


The hydras (DC 15 meat and blood, DC 20 hides) provide the following
200 days of food
2 hydra hides (4) (each hide is large enough for 2 medium sized items)
20 doses hydra blood (healing, regeneration, strength)(500gp)

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Hill Giant Camp

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