Infested Dragon Aerie

In the Age of Star Falls the greatest of the Kings warriors fought from the backs of their Dragon allies, these knights were the most feared and respected force, but as all greatness, petty infighting and betrayal lead to their dismissal and destruction. Besides stories the only thing that remains is the large Aerie and keep that stands as a fallen shrine to what once was.

Manticore fight:

6d6 manticore spikes
DC 25 survival to skin each (fair/good/perfect)

Troll fight:

2d6 vials troll blood (none collected)
Traveler’s Backpack

Before the Gates:
12 gems (100gp each)
2 small quartz

Defense of the keep:
Ogre Club

Clan Chief fight:
Warrior King’s Axe

Taking the Aerie:
40 gems (worth 10gp each)
10 gems (worth 100gp each)
7 art objects (worth 200gp each)
4 ancient dragon scales (red)
5lb dragon egg shell dust
2 large dragon ribs (curved)
1 10ft dragon spine
2 dragon claws
15lb ancient steel scrap
5lb dragon’s breath glass
1 fire gem
13 small quartz
1 large quartz
2 rust quartz

The secret stash that the Ogre Shaman lead you to contains the following:
500 gp
wand cure light wounds
3 potions cure series wounds

Infested Dragon Aerie

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