Ley Lines

Ley Lines are a web of unseen power, ancient magic that covers the world and flows like a stream. These invisible lines are like rivers of power that cross the land, while they do not directly effect things day to day, their influence can be seen over long periods of time. When two or more Ley Lines cross is can cause an area to change, be it more magical, richer soil the effects are unlimited and sometimes change (as magic itself ebbs, flows and moves). While many lesser streams of magic come and go, Ley Lines are the rivers, ever constant.

Much old magic was based on Ley Lines while modern magic can still be effected by it, is tends to not require it. The study and use of the manipulation of Ley Lines is referred to as High Magic.

Where multiple Ley Lines meet it is possible to build structures that will harness the magic and allow it to be used for other purposes. These devices differ depending on their function and who built them. In general there are three types of devices that were constructed in the past they are as follows.


Built as holy sites of worship, they will slowly acquire magic (more so if they have keepers and people praying at them). While shrines are different depending on their original and current purpose they tend to deal with protective, community and healing magics. Shrines are not inherently good or evil, but can be corrupted or cleansed to serve other purposes.


While shrines are built, groves are grown and cultivated. These lush areas are normally dominated by a natural feature like a tree, pond or outcropping. Grove magic is much more natural, its use tends to focus on different aspects of the land, growth and utility.


Unhindered by religious or natural surroundings, Focuses are pure function. Originally crafted by early mages to harness magic these structures lack the local ties and instead simply store the rawest, most distilled magics. Due to the industrial design of these structures, the magic from them is raw, slightly more dangerous and lends itself to the offensive and destructive purposes.


While there are only 3 main types of devices, others are known to exist, such as the legendary Deep Force of the Dwarves.

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Ley Lines

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