Lost Village

Traveling back from Free Haven to The Southern Kingdom the party came across an abandoned (mostly) village.


After slaying the dire wolves they can be skinned at DC 15 survival for good pelts or dc 25 for excellent pelts (none were harvested)

Road to the watch tower

Once the party defeats the walking dead bandits they find among the bodies

75 Gold Coins (random minting)
2 masterwork heavy cross bows
4 pieces misc jewelry (worth 200gp total)

At the watch tower

After the trickery of the little girl came to light, the party was able to drive back the undead and slay the lesser vampires

400 Gold Coins
800 Silver Coins
1,200 gp various trade goods (common)
12 pieces of jewelry (worth 600gp total)
7 gems (25 gp a piece)
2 Opals (100 gp each)
1 Air Essence Gem
3 pieces small Quartz
1 black quartz
5 doses graves mold (herb)
Traveler’s Boots
Squire’s Plate

For escorting the remaining villagers (if they are not killed)

2lb desert bronze
2lb griffon copper
18 square feet of Iron Wood planks
Peasant’s Pike

Lost Village

Half breeds and a Human Falchen Falchen