Magic Item Creation


Magic Items are items of high quality with a story. Besides potions, scrolls and wands they are not crafted in ivory towers by mages, but by craftsmen of extraordinary skill, items crafted of wondrous materials or in wondrous ways, or by normal items being used to do extraordinary feats.

Rules Changes:

All crafting feats besides “Scribe Scroll”, “Brew Potion” and “Craft Wand” no longer exist.

Any time a character has a permanent +10 or higher in a crafting skill (does not include temporary bonuses such as any that last for less than 1 week)they automatically gain the benefit of the “Master Craftsman” feat.

Master Craftsman (feat)

Your superior crafting skills allow you to create magic items.

Prerequisites: Automatically gained when crafting checks are made a a permanent +10 or higher.

Benefit: When crafting a Master Crafted item, or using rare or special materials, there is a chance that they (depending on their skill and/or the materials being used) that a magic item is created. You cannot use this feat to create any spell-trigger or spell-activation item.


Expert Crafted: deep-forge-sword
Wondrous Material: Shield of Falling Stars
Wondrous Crafting: Dragon Ice Ring
Extraordinary Feat: Ogre Biter

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Magic Item Creation

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