Motrug's Lair

The party was able to track Motrug back to his lair (an old dwarven tomb) where he prepared himself and his minions for a fight to the death (but he was still smart enough to run away). The party found the following:

Mortug’s gear:

Red crystal Alter
20lb ancient steel scrap (2)
15lb deep iron (3)
2lb griffin copper (3)
2 tanned wyvern hides (5)
2 tanned cave bear hides (2)
7 lesser dark essence (3)
2 dark essence (5)
2 deep crystals (3)
5 vials troll blood (cure, restore, regeneration) 500gp
5lb powder giant bone (temp strength, temp constitution) 250gp
1 bushel of deep mushrooms (darkness, restore) 200gp
5lb quartz dust (applied metamagic feats) 500gp
8 small quartz
3 large quartz
2 black quartz
200 gems (10gp each)
7 gems (100gp each)
gold (raw, broken items) 500gp
silver (raw, broken items) 250gp

This tomb was once the tomb of the dwarves that kept Glass Peak sacred, while faded paintings on the walls depict an ancient ritual being performed on the mountain. There is also an entrance into what looks like a very elaborate tunnel system only a few dozen yards from the entrance of the tomb.

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Motrug's Lair

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