“As is the law of the land I make my home in Polyhydra and spend no less (or more if I can help it) than 15 nights within my lands.” Sir Carim, Knight of the Southern Kingdom and warden of Polyhydra


Nation: The Southern Kingdom
Size: Town
Population: 700(City) 1,100 (total area)
Demographics: Human
Government: Sir Carim (direct) King (region)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Leader: Sir Carim, Warden of Polyhydra
Lord: Sir Carim
Imports: Anything civilized
Exports: N/A
Taxes: moderate


Founded after the reforming of the The Southern Kingdom in Southern Kingdom Wars period 13 by the newly knighted Carim family, Polyhydra quickly became the joke of the kingdom. The Carim family was awarded knighthood and lands for their service (mostly in the loaning and gifting of money) to the new kingdom. As they had no other power but a small fortune amassed from several very lucky merchant contracts the Carim family was awarded a small area of lands in the south west of the kingdom (this land was part of the wilds until so settles by them). Since then nothing good has come to the area as it is not particularly well suited for farming, it lacks any natural resources and most of its inhabitants get by with a combination of herding, hunting and hardy crops. The only important thing of note is that the Carim family only pays 10gp in taxes and 1/10th of taxed food to the king (the lowest rates in the kingdom which is no surprise).


While the average resident of Polyhydra is a bit rustic, somewhat backwards and prone to spook easily, in general they are decent people. Of note, Polyhydra is currently home to a master weapon smith who came from the capitol some ten years ago and set up a smithy, it is unknown why he left where he was and went to the middle of no where.

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