Return to the Swamp of the Dead

The party was able to fight through many undead to get to the heart of the swamp. After defeating the creator the party was found the following:

Amulet of Warding
Blade of the Bog

2 potions cause light wounds
1 potion mage armor
2 potions shield
2 potions divine shield
1 potion protection from arrows

750gp gold (random coins and bars)
2,000sp silver (random coins and bars)
5,000cp copper (random coins and bars
100 gems (10gp each)
20 gems (25gp each)
5 gems (100gp each)
55 pieces of jewelry/wealth (worth 2,000 gp total)

large crystallized dark essence
10 uses of bog weed
20 dark willow branches
7 small quartz
2 large quartz
2 black quartz

Return to the Swamp of the Dead

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