“In Cihh you can go from one end of the city to the other, never touching the ground by hopping from building to building, the same is said in Roi but there you just float on the hot air of royals.” Trog, Marine of Cihh


Nation: The Southern Kingdom
Size: City (Capital)
Population: 40,000(City) 60,000 (total area)
Demographics: Human(90%)
Government: Calinim (Magistrate) Lord Taurance (King of the Southern Kingdom)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Leader: Calinim
Lord: Lord Taurance
Imports: Raw materials, horses
Exports: produced goods
Taxes: moderate


Roi was the seat of power in the The Southern Kingdom before the fall of the forgotten king, it was the seat of Greskin and, after they reunified the better part of the kingdom, it once again is the city of the king.


All royal permits must be granted in Roi and all lords are required to keep a residence in the city and personally deliver the kings tax every spring and fall. This means that twice a year the city will grow in size and intrigue as every noble will be in the city at the same time.

The city itself is rather unremarkable, while a city has been here for over a thousand years, due to fire, war and constant expansion only the very rich stone buildings are of any age, the average building in the city is no more than 50 years old. This large sprawl starts at the gates to the royal keep (a small fortress at the north end of the city build more for appearance as the main military castle is a half days ride north of the city proper) and goes south, east and west as royal mandate keeps expansion from moving north.

The people in Roi are more diverse than the rest of the kingdom, but compared to a metropolis like Cihh, they are still backwoods yocals. The majority of Roi’s population that does not directly work for the royalty/kingdom are craftsmen and laborers producing goods from the raw materials that come in from all over the kingdom. While other provences have the means of production, 90% of any finished goods that come from the The Southern Kingdom were produces in Roi.

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