Salt Bog

“According to records in the capitol city, the lands south of the Salt Bog for 2 days ride are part of the Kingdom, I however will not force my collectors to go through there for one small village.” Sir Carim, Knight of the Southern Kingdom and warden of Planters


Located south of Planters the Bog is the unofficial boundary of the Southern Kingdom in the south west corner. Traveling through it will lead you to a small village which mainly occupis itself with herding and fending off the occasional wild animals that come from either The Wilds to the west or the Herim Badlands to the South.


The party was asked by the local laymen in Planters to look into a request for aid from the small village south of the bog, upon reaching there the party found there was an undead problem seeping out of the bog. After finding the source and confronting and killing a shaman, the party witnessed a black goop flow into the swamp.

After having the goop analyzed they found it to be a powerful undead making agent that used both divine and arcane magic. After confronting the Masked Woman the party learned that the divine magic was added by the shaman and instead of being able to raise and control an army, the divine meddling caused a powerful creature to arise that will control the undead instead of the Masked Woman.

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Salt Bog

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