“One of the simplest undead, normally mindless they are like a cough to the plague, a small symptom of far worse.” Lontain, the Wandering Bard

Both holy men and mages who seek to use the fallen’s bodies as minions start on their path raising only the bones of the long dead. These simple undead can wield weapons, use armor and shields and undertake basic commands. Beware as the lack of flesh makes these foes resilient to punctures and blades. If you think you will be confronting the walking bones, a good club or mace will go a long way.

While the simplest walking bones are trivial to even a town watch, greater incarnations can be raised, some will posses greater power or even a faded memory of past skills to include the ability to use magic. These greater skeletons are much more powerful and not to be taken lightly.

As a necromancer grows in power, they are able to move from animating the simplest of bones that merely walk and attack to animating the bones of creatures. While these can be simple skeletons as well, many accomplished necromancers will be able to instill the bones with some of the abilities that these creatures had in life along with the strength and power that they gain in undeath.

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