Spider Lair

After defeating the Spiders the party finds the dessicated remains of hundreds of small animals and nearly a dozen intelligent creatures including two that fix Gruss’s description of the outcasts that were foraging in the area.

Among the bodies the party finds the following


500 gp in precious metals
200 gold coins
10 pieces of jewelry (worth 50gp each)


100gp worth of metal goods
500 feet spider silk rope


Ogre spiders: DC 18 (1 dose venom per) 1 point str and dex, 4 rounds, dc 14 fort 1 save cure
Giant Spiders: DC 14 (1 does venom per) 1 point str, 2 rounds, dc 12 fort 1 save cure
Or venom can be used for potions
Each dose = 25gp (cure poison, restoration, poison)

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Spider Lair

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