Staff of Command


This is a +1 Magic Quarter Staff


The wielder of this staff can use the following abilities as a standard action:

Once per day pet charisma bonus (minimum 1) the wielder can command those around him (30ft radius) giving them a +2 circumstance bonus to one roll to do one action (such as attack the giant, defend yourself etc). The effects of this only apply to the first action that each character makes and only last for one round.

Once per day the wielder can command any unit who can hear him to undertake one action (this applies only to friendly units of npcs and allows them to immediately take one standard action).

This Staff was once owned by Parthis, a great mercenary general and powerful wizard during the Southern Kingdom Wars period. While most commanded lead with a sword, his iconic iron and wood staff became a rallying point for his men on many battles. This item was though lost when his unit was overrun during the burning of Fort Griffon.

The Ruins of Fort Griffon

Staff of Command

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