The Common Guild of Mastering Magic

“and with a thousand thousand nights Telur was no able to learn even a fraction of what was in the Common library” Excerpt from The Impulsive Tutor

The Common Guild of Mastering Magic, or Mage’s guild for short, is an age old institution in the The Southern Kingdom. Even during the split, the central guild still held sway throughout the area and with the reunification it is the largest and most organized grouping of arcane magic users in the western continent. While officially it is only in the lands controlled by the king, in practice all but the guilds in Cihh and Free Haven pay annual homage and extend full curtsey to members.

The guild is divided into 8 schools (rumors state that there were at one point 10) with the master of each school sitting on the council. Members pick which school they join once they reach the 10th tier.

There are a total of 29 tiers and Grand Masters, ranked as follows:

1: Fellow
2-8: Assistant
9-10: Master Assistant
11-14: Mage
15- 19: Master Mage
20-26: Wizard
27: Master Wizard
28: School dependent (Illusionist, Necromancer etc.)
29: Grand School dependent
Grand Master

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The Common Guild of Mastering Magic

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