The High Sect of Investigation

“Come, be thee pure of action and noble in deed, for it is not the strong but the just who protect.” Excerpt from The Inquisitor and the Lazy Man

While the High Sect has technically been part of the The Southern Kingdom’s Church of Tanthium since its founding, until the past 170 years it was nothing more then coin counters under the Templar.

During the reunification of the The Southern Kingdom, the Templar order was found to be pursuing its own agenda, and was able to do so nearly unchecked by the Church or the Kingdom. While it was eventually dealt with, it was because of the control that they had over the then Sect of Investigation that let them go about their business unnoticed for so long. As part of the checking of the Templar’s power, the Sect of Investigation, along with several other holy orders, were removed from the Templar’s hierarchy.

Once removed, the new High Sect of Investigation was given little funding, support or notice by the church or kingdom except in the spring and fall collection seasons. While a few scandals occurred in the new High Sect, in general they still counted coins and guarded the Church Vault until the rise of Dibirious Heart ad the High Inquisitor.

In the past 20 years, under Heart’s leadership the Sect has grown considerably, added more investigation and the hunting of internal problems for the Church. The main reason for the increase in activity and effectiveness is two fold, the first being that Dibirious was able to attain funding, coming in the form of a % of all lost church funds that are regained. Secondly he opened a boarding house and training grounds where they both take in children who have no homes and except anyone from any walk of life that wants to serve (while in the other major orders anyone can join, only those of noble blood tend to rise to the top) and they are judged by their contributions, not their heritage.

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The High Sect of Investigation

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