The History of Dragonspire Keep

The keep and its lands were originally a gift to a group of dragon knights and their Dragons as a reward for their service in aiding the old king of the Southern Kingdoms (the land was given to them during the Age or Starfall). As years went by, these lands prospered and the city of the knight’s descendents became larger and grander than even the capitol. While the original king was wise, this wisdom diminished as generations passed and as the Broken Sword Wars period came, the then king, in an effort to consolidate his power pitted the dragon knights against each other by declaring that all realms must have one ruler and that the knights should decide themselves who should be the leader. This led to jealousy and at first intrigue which lead to all out war as some of the knights left while others fought to be the baron. During this time the king, spread rumors of the knights being traitorous and raised an army with the aid of powerful enchantresses and laid waste to the remaining dragon knights and all those who dwelt under their reign.

Founding of the Knights:

Long before they were given lands and titles, the Dragon Riders were a formidable mercenary organization who went around the land working for those who could pay their price. While the majority of them were warriors, there were also casters among their ranks. Before the gift of land, almost all of the Dragons were metallic, with the only rule to join the group was to swear an oath and have a Dragon willing to take you as a rider. Once word of the power of the Knights and the wealth of their Dragons got out, many more chromatic dragons and riders (motivated by greed and the lust for power) came, but could not be turned out if they took oath to the Knights and the King.

Notable Knights:

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The History of Dragonspire Keep

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