The Order

The Order of the Silver Dawn is a semi-secret organization devoted to the absolute destruction of the undead and those who create them. Founded over five-hundred years ago, the Order has bases of operation in most major cities. Their secrecy stems from a concern over counterattacks and attempts to use their strength politically. They have ties to most major Good churches and some Neutral ones, as well as some noble houses who provide material support and waystations.

The Order counts its membership over six thousand souls, though less than half of those are warriors. The rest collect rumors, support the militant members, and provide facades for their operations. The Order accepts all religious views, all classes, all races; the only requirements are a desire to eradicate the undead and a willingness to defend the living against them. Membership is weighted toward clerics and paladins, with rogues and sorcerors being the least common. Most members tend toward Lawful Good or Neutral Good, but any non-Evil alignments are accepted.

The Order is led by the Dawn’s Hand, chosen from amongst the Order by the seven most senior members.The current leader, Nev Cahallan, is a human paladin of Seilain. Now in his mid-fifties, he has been warring against the undead for almost forty years, ten of those as the Dawn’s Hand.

Relics of the Order
Shortly after the Order was founded, five holy relics were crafted using Leyline high magic to assist in their crusade. Over the centuries, all but one have been lost. Now and again, a young initiate or aging slayer will undertake a quest to find one of them, but all have returned empty-handed…or not at all.

+3 Holy Keen Undead Bane Longsword
Whenever the wielder uses Smite Evil against an undead target, his Paladin level is considered 4 levels higher.

Lightbringer was the first of the relics created and traditionally is held by the Dawn’s Hand, regardless of if he is a Paladin or not. It has led the warriors of the Silver Dawn in countless battles and is still held by Nev Cahallan. The only of the relics to never be lost, it has grown considerably in power over the last five centuries.

+1 Blessed Undead Bane Heavy Mace
Whenever the wielder uses Channel Energy to harm undead, his Cleric level is considered 4 levels higher.
Allows the user to cast Daylight 3/day.

First used by a mighty cleric of Seilain, Lichbreaker was lost during an assault on a vampire coven near the end of The Pale King’s Reign. It was rumored to have resurfaced in a Dwarven stronghold during the Giant Wars, but no one has ever located it.

+1 Blessed Undead Bane Greatsword
Allows the user to cast Consecrate (centered on the user’s square), Protection from Evil, and Prayer simultaneously as an Immediate Action 1/day.
Allows the user to cast Haste 3/day.

Almost too large for a normal man to wield, Dawn was last seen in battle during The Age of Edification. During an assault on a nexus of negative energy deep in the Wilds, the massive knight wielding it used the blade to sunder an ancient evil artifact. The resulting eruption was believed to have destroyed Dawn, but any witnesses were consumed by the blast.

The Silver Torch
+1 Blessed Quarterstaff
Protection from Evil (1 charge)
Daylight (2 charges)
Mass Bless Weapon (2 charges)
Searing Light (2 charges)
Undeath to Death (3 charges)
If The Silver Torch is designated as a wizard’s bonded item, the wizard may use his bonus spell from that ability to cast a cleric spell of one level lower. Non-good wizards may not bond to The Silver Torch.

Long rumored to be in the possession of a powerful member of the Mage’s Guild in Cih, The Silver Torch was prized among wizards within the Order. For years, they attempted to unravel it’s secrets, as no two users were able to draw the same spells from it. Rather than being lost in battle, it vanished during The Fading Age under mysterious circumstances that the more senior members of the Order are loathe to discuss.

Breath of Dawn
+1 Blessed Undead Bane Longbow
If the user has a positive Strength bonus, Breath of Dawn acts as a composite longbow with a maximum Strength bonus equal to the user’s (max +3).
If the user has the Favored Enemy: Undead ability, they are treated as being under the effects of a constant Widened Detect Undead effect while Breath of Dawn is in their possession. Unlike the normal spell, this effect extends in a 120 ft sphere around the user. This ability may be suppressed at will. It can also be suppressed, but not dispelled, by Dispel Magic (DC 26).

Breath of Dawn was the last of the relics to be made and, fittingly, the last to be lost. The wielder had tracked an undead dragon during the South Kingdom Wars, only to discover it was being controlled by a lich of some power. In the ensuing battle, dragon and lich were destroyed, hunter slain, but one of the lich’s mortal servants escaped with the bow. The Order gave chase, but to no avail. It has not been seen since.

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The Order

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