The Ruins of Fort Griffon

The party traveled to the ruins of Fort Griffon to meet with a representative of the Wardens. He informs then that a few of the homesteads in the southern plains have reported seeing strange things while a few others have been razed. As the Wardens have never recovered from the attacks against them during the Southern Wars Period they have requested aid from their allies in The Order of the Silver Dawn.

During the parties initial investigation at the fort they are attacked by undead griffons

5lb griffon copper (3)

After locating the trail the party comes to an old farm with a corrupted pond, and a necromancer performing experiments on local wildlife and captured people.

The Necromancer had a stash of gear and items in the area
10 onyx (100gp each)
2,500 gold coins
1,000gp rare magic oils (can be used in any potions)
5lb griffon copper (3)
3 potions Cure Moderate Wounds
5 potions Cure Light Wounds
5 potions Cause Light Wounds
Wand of Magic Missile (lvl3) (36 charges)
Scroll Desecrate (x2)
Scroll Web
Scroll of Fireball
Staff of Command
Shard of the Grave

The Ruins of Fort Griffon

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