The Southern Kingdom

“and there I saw it, the most fertile lands ever, but the farms were in ruin and only soldiers plied a trade there.” Excerpt from Lontain and the two day King

The Southern Kingdom is the re-unified great kingdom from before the Broken Sword Wars period. After the last King was killed and the Broken Sword Wars occurred this area was a large region of turmoil with old royalty fighting against bandit kings and anyone else with the coin or influence to grab land and declare themselves in charge. This fighting lasted for nearly a millennium until at the end of the fading age when the Baron of Greskin declared himself in line with the last great king and reunified the Southern Kingdom (in a war that took 60 years and cost him his life and the lives of his first 2 sons). The Southern Kingdom is now the world’s largest powers, up their with the Enlighted Empire in the far East, and the Merchant Consortium.

For the first time since its reunification, the Southern Kingdoms are currently ruled by a man who has never fought in a war, the great grandson of the Baron of Greskin.

Some people believe that the kings are just puppets of some other entity/organization that really has power.

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The Southern Kingdom

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