The Wilds

“Once the great dead king ruled all lands, but even he could not tame the great empty, so it was here that the free people hid, built their cities of steel and stone. Once they were stronger then the dead king they brought him down and bound him into the earth to rest forever.” Excerpt for the Talim Story of Creation


The Wilds is the large expanse of land West of the Southern Kingdom. While its boundaries are not well defined, they have been slowly shrinking in the north and east as the different civilizations slowly carve more territory from the mostly untamed wilderness. While many tribes, families and other small settlements carve out a living in the region the only actual city is Free Haven which is located in the north western part of the expanse. Because of the size and lack of civilization the wilds have a large number of great beasts, bandits and other unpleasant secrets that discourage all but the strongest or dumbest from venturing far from the old roads and paths that cut across the region.

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The Wilds

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